Said She

One balmy night in 2007, in between mouthfuls of our favorite Pinoy food in a restaurant called Angelines, she said and I quote verbatim, ‘The older I get the more it makes sense that I should marry a Filipino’.  That very moment my jaw was semi-paralyzed in disbelief, leaving the rice and bistek hanging tasteless in my mouth. That can’t be. She was the epitome of the immigrant Ilocano who can no longer claim the Philippine north as home. Western culture has claimed her whole making it unbelievable that she would actually consider such prospect. And from my slightly naive scheme of things during those times, I considered her the guru of crossing racial lines and breaking international borders … the very person who convincingly did a great job of expanding my once unwilling mind to the exciting prospect and reality of interracial connections. How ironic! Just when I started embracing the thought, the guru flakes out on me and suddenly subscribes to the belief I tried so hard to trash before — racial exclusivity especially in matters of the heart. After having been revived from my shocked state, I laughed so hard that night. It was 2007, the hottest of summer like how it is tonight. Now, it’s 2011. Really. Yes. She married a Filipino for real. And as planned. What can I say. I’m again paralyzed in disbelief. Maybe I will laugh later like before …      


  1. Shawie says:

    I think I know who you are referring to..

  2. Merry Car says:


  3. Ivie Joy says:

    :-)))) i love that night macar!!! hahhahahha!!!!!

  4. Thomas says:

    one of the reasons i think we fell in love is because we found in each other a kindred spirit…a common view of the world. we both believe we ought to be successful in america AS AMERICANS, but deeply rooted within us is the need to still remain FILIPINO in our heart of hearts.

    in terms of our careers and making friends, we have mastered the art of crossing racial boundaries and breaking through stereotypes – and we have enjoyed and embraced what our adopted home has to offer.

    but..coming home to meals of dinengdeng or pinakbet (i also always loved kinilaw and amapalaya!), going to church on sundays, expressing thoughts in our native tongue that just wouldn’t sound quite right if translated to our adopted tongue, having a wonderful time in a noisy family party with 30-50 people, watching cheesy filipino movies with our equally cheesy filipino friends…these are the things i’ll remember from our first year together and they are the reasons i look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

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