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PAG-IBIG Forms and Procedures

For those who would like to avail of assistance from LOVE FUND USA, below are the forms: Prospective Members Letter to POP Prospective Member New POP MDF Form PAG-IBIG Q&A   Housing Loan Housing Loan - How to Apply Housing Loan - Checklist of Requirements Housing Loan Application Housing Loan - SPA  

FOR ASSISTANCE to US based Filipinos, contact Ms. Linda Reyes at 408- 509-1274 or email her at Her company charges a minimal fee for processing applications. You may also visit the PAG-IBIG  website at

PAG-IBIG Overseas

Our home country has not forgotten us and sends its PAG-IBIG to Filipinos all over the world! 

Home Development Mutual Fund, otherwise known as PAG-IBIG (PAGtutulungan sa kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko, Industriya at Gobyerno) FUND is a Philippine government program that was created by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1530 on June 11, 1978. Its main objective is to provide its members with adequate housing through an effective savings scheme. The Fund was created to address two of the nation's basic concerns: (a) the generation of savings and (b) providing shelter for Filipino workers.

On January 2010, PAG-IBIG implemented a voluntary savings scheme for all Filipinos abroad who are immigrants and those naturalized in other countries based on the 2009 revised rules and guidelines. Click here for the PAG-IBIG FUND Implementing Rules and Guidelines of 2009. (Note that this program  is different from the OFW Pag-Ibig I program that is mandatory for all Overseas Filipino Workers.)

The biggest benefit is that once registered as a PAG-IBIG member, one is qualified to apply for the Housing Loan Program.

Click here for information about the PAG-IBIG HOUSING LOAN.

Salient Features: The Pag-Ibig II program is solely a savings scheme, designed to provide Pag-IBIG I members with another savings option that would grant them with a yield higher than those given under the Pag-IBIG I membership program. The program took effect on 3 February 2010.

  1. Minimum contribution of Php 500.00 per month
  2. Term of 5 years, renewable
  3. Flexible dividend rates but always higher than Pag-IBIG I
  4. Contributions & earnings are Philippine-government guarranteed.
  5. A registered member can apply for a housing loan soon after the first few remittances.
Monthly Contributions 5 Years 10 Years
Php 500.00 34,484.17 79,553.59
1,000.00 68,968.33 159,107.18
1,500.00 103,452.50 238,660.78
2,000 137,936.66 318,214.37
3,000 206,905.00 477,321.56
4,000.00 275,873.32 636,428.74
5,000.00 344,841.65 795,535.92

To check for Remittance Centers in your current country of residence, click here.

To REGISTER ONLINE, click here.

________________________ FOR ASSISTANCE to US based Filipinos, contact Ms. Linda Reyes at 408- 509-1274 or email her at Her company charges a minimal fee for processing applications. You may also visit the PAG-IBIG  website at

PAG-IBIG Housing Loan Program

Sa tulong programa ng pamahalaang Pilipinas, posible at madali  ng pagawan ng bahay ang mga naiwang minamahal sa PILIPINAS!

Ang PAG-IBIG Housing Loan Program o pondo para sa pabahay ay bukas para sa mga miyembro ng PAG-IBIG FUND na naninirahan o nagtratrabaho sa loob o labas man ng Pilipinas.

Click here for information about registering as OFW PAG-IBIG member.

Maaaring gamitin ang housing loan para sa alinman sa mga sumusunod: • pagbili ng lupa; • pagbili ng bahay; • pagpapatayo o pagpapatapos ng bahay; • pagpapaganda o pagkukumpuni ng bahay; • pag refinance ng pagkaka-utang mula sa isang bangko na katanggap-tanggap sa Pag-IBIG Fund; at • kumbinasyon ng mga nasabi.  
Loan Package Interest Rate Buwanang Hulog*
P400,000 6% P2,398.20
P750,000 7% P4,989.77
P1 Million 8.5% P7,689.13
P1.25 Million 9.5% P10,510.68
P2 Million 10.5% P18,294.79
P3 Million 11.5% P29,708.74
*Principal and interes lamang
Buwanang Impok/Kontribusyon Employer Counterpart Pinakamataas na maaaring mahiram
P100 hanggang P300 P100 Hanggang P700,000
P400 hanggang P600 Higit sa P800,000 hanggang P1.3 milyon
P700 hanggang P900 Higit sa P1.4 milyon hanggang P1.9 milyon
P1,000 hanggang P1,200 Higit sa P2.0 milyon hanggang P2.5 milyon


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