Ilocano York is now open to anonymous contributions! Since I welcomed contributions to my blog, I had persistent requests that names be kept confidential. I was hesitant at first thinking that a writer or contributor might submit works that aren’t his own. Now realizing that not everyone is bold enough to provide a face and name to an experience or literary creation, I finally conceded. Yes, ANONYMITY is now welcome. All stories need to be told. Some people have stories that might run against common belief.  Some are afraid to publish because of public persecution. Some might have secret desires and dreams he would want to be kept as it is. Now they have a place in my blog. The freedom of expression should be upheld.  Keep the ideas flowing, and your identity in the closet. Ilocano York has matured. Email Anonymous contributions to  **LIMITATIONS**
  • All opinion articles should be published with a name. Also videos, pictures, recipes, critiques, technical and news articles cannot be published anonymous.
  • Only original journal entries, essays, reflections, open letters, poems and anecdotes will be accepted as anonymous contributions.
  • All articles will be subject to editing in accordance to Ilocano York standards.
  • Ilocano York keeps the right to reject and accept contributions.
  • Note that subject should lean towards the immigrant experience of Filipinos.

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