Naragsak a baro nga tawen yo amen, Apo ken kakabsat!

The  early night before 2016, I was on the subway going uptown when this subway singer came in and started singing a familiar English song in Spanish. I was already  listening for a few seconds when the once elusive New Year spirit combined with my natural and ever present feelings of gratitude and love for my adapted home suddenly hit me! I am thankful to the people of the past year and looking forward to creating more wonderful moments in 2016. From the largest city in America and the most culturally and linguistically diverse city in the world where as many as 800 languages are spoken, I am shouting out “Naragsak a baro nga tawen, kakabsat!” and from this subway singer who proudly and joyfully sings in his own tongue, “Feliz Ano Nuevo!” Watch the video.

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