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My New York Moment With a Dash of Pinoy Kilig

There's nothing quite like the word 'kilig' in the English lexicon. It's more positive than  jitters, much more meaningful than excitement. It's a non-sexual titillation and has more feeling than plain shudder. Most often it's a feeling one gets when face to face with a crush. No, it doesn't stop there. It's also what you feel when you see an object you wanted for so long and finally got it --- unexpectedly. Or at certain times, one gets kilig in an event that she has been waiting for in a long time. In idioms, it is close to 'having butterflies in the tummy'.

Almost three years ago, I had my share of 'kilig' while doing one of my favorite New York past times -- walking with my friends to or around an idyllic or truly New York spot. We started as a big group of 11 who trooped to several Lower Manhattan neighborhoods of SOHO, NOLITA, Little Italy, Chinatown, and Lower East Side. By the time we were at City Hall the number dwindled to four. That's when we decided to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in US that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. Aside from the usual high traffic roadway bridges are made for, this has a long slatted wooden ramp that allows pedestrians and bikers to experience its majestic beauty. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is truly an experience; A New York tradition I always try to do every so often. As one walks through the Bridge, one can feel the oblivious speedy cars passing through underneath. From afar, the towers of Manhattan glisten, Manhattan Bridge dazzles, Brooklyn's DUMBO invites and even Lady Liberty is within sight. The massive metal cables, posts and screws are amazingly within touching reach. I wonder how all these came together to hold such a big torrent of people and vehicles in a 125 history that survived wars, terror attacks and nature's wrath.

So that afternoon was one of those times we just enjoy New York. Clueless, my friends and I thread the bridge like we always used to. There was a film crew up ahead. We weren't surprised. New York is used to location filming all over the place. But wait! It was an all Filipino crew and in their midst was John Lloyd and Luis! And was that Olivia Lamasan beside them? I turned red and despite my age, felt 'kilig' like a giggling teenager. Apparently they were filming the kissing scene of the gay movie In My Life that was released in 2009.

Click here for more Brooklyn Bridge, John Lloyd and Luis pictures.

Curiously, on that day I was more kilig compared to when I saw Johnny Depp and Colin Farrel at the Letterman studio, or Nicholas Cage as he filmed The Sorcerer's Apprentice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn just a block from my former office, or when Michael Douglas was Gordon Gecko cooly standing in front of the deli where I used to buy my morning sandwich or seeing Daniel Radcliffe stark naked in the play Equus  or watching Adam Levine and the rest of the Maroon 5 perform at the several locations and many more celebrity sightings. New York is as glitzy as a clear night sky. Stars are all over the place and unlike dear Hollywood, you just see them as they are -- easily assimilated to the big city jungle that is New York.

Yet somehow incidental seeing of Filipino stars garnered more ooomph than a horde of Hollywood hunks and stars. I guess several years in the States didn't change my tastes that much. Whenever in the mood for chick flicks, I still pine for John Lloyd films that would always be  number one in my truly Pinay heart. Kilig!

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