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An Analogy

Love can come in two horrible ways.

First, it's slow.

It can be a small poisonous snake that slithers its way near you then injects its venom into your defenseless and unknowing body. You don't feel the pain, its merely a sting..unnoticeable until you are at the throes of death and agonizing over the discovery that you are bitten and would be lifeless soon. The realization of impending doom is excruciating. Here, death claims you slowly as you cry for dear life. Second, it's fast. It can be a huge python that snatches you out of your reverie. You see the predator coming but you just stare at the hungry monster as it grasps you with its evil teeth and quickly wraps you in its deathly embrace. Right from the start, you know you are lost yet you can't do anything. Death comes in an instant. Even in death, the animal will swallow you whole as if killing you isn't enough. Death comes quick so it could kill you over and over again.

Love and Relationship defined

Love is an event. It happens to a person regardless of whether such feeling is reciprocated or not. No one decides it; it is never a choice and never planned. It conquers one’s heart like a tsunami coming to engulf the whole beach mercilessly--- without a clue and unexpected. Unconditional love is a feeling one endures for the love of someone who is not obliged to return the love regardless of any situation. You love without question, without expectations and sometimes in secret. A relationship is anchored on love. It involves two people who mutually decide on working out an arrangement that is beneficial to both. It is a deal, an agreement, a contract that is sealed by love and respect towards each other.