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Poerty Contribution: A Naivete’s Confession

A Naiveté’s Confession by Jo March One spring night of ‘07 I was at this club That’s aptly called Double Happiness Right down at the Lower East Side. On my way out the bathroom I met this amazingly drunk guy Then held his glass as he took his turn at the bowl. He thanked me for being very nice And asked my name with a sheepish smile I told him mine, and Michael he said he was. He had a face like this BH 90210 guy So tall, fine and cute even when doused. He fuelled my curiosity; I decided to close my eyes. ‘There’s not much like you from where I came from’. He said as he keenly groped me in the dark. ‘Never met someone from where you came from’, I hissed back. Michael and I came back holding hands. Both smashed and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Funny, I shocked all my friends with my impulsive act. It’s embarrassing what else I did that night, With too much tea martini running in my blood. Let me just admit I’ve been really, really bad. He got my number that I remembered right For he called the following morn to ask me out I firmly said NO for I was sober to realize These boys want nothing else but my girly warmth   written by Jo March 2007, NYC