After I started this blog last June 31, 2011, I received few translation requests from friends and lately, a request to write a short love letter in Ilocano. I never knew that there actually was a need for an Ilocano voice in this place. For years I celebrated diversity in New York without ever realizing the slice of ethnic diversity that I could still add to the pool — my being Ilocano. Given the excitement of the Big Apple, I forgot the fact that before I became a Filipino, I am an Ilocano first.

What started as a past time developed into a personal mission to promote the Ilocano culture and language via this online medium that wonderfully allows me to connect to a greater number of people. Through this I am reliving my cultural legacy. Here, I am reacquainting myself to my roots. Grateful for the gift of self-expression despite living abroad, I give back by offering these services:

TRANSLATION You need help understanding your Ilocano friend or partner?  Let me help you. I can translate a word, letter, conversation, article or just about anything that needs to be translated:
  • from English to Ilocano, vice versa.
  • from Tagalog to Ilocano, vice versa.
COMPOSITION You want to impress someone with an Ilocano speech, letter or poem? I can help you create just about any format you need in Ilocano. TUTORIAL You are interested to learn more about Ilocano language? I can help with basic and advanced lessons in Ilocano. ACCULTURATION You need to develop the love for bagoong, parya and katuday? Or maybe you just want to master cooking pinakbet, bagnet, tupig and kinalteng cassava? You need to learn how to respond to your Ilocano friend’s idiosyncracy? Or are you planning a trip to the Philippine North? Whatever your reasons, I can also help. Contact me at and let’s see what this Ilocano manang (big sister) can do for you. Don’t worry, it’s all free.


  1. Isabel Carlos says:

    Nagsayaat daytoy website nga rinugiam, kabsat.

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