Firth McEchern’s Language Policy, Rights, and Diversity Updates

Sharing a letter and Progress Notes by Mr. Firth McEachern regarding his research on Ilocano Language from his headquarters in La Union, Philippines.


Naimbag a malemyo apo!Magandang hapon po! Good afternoon!

Thank you for your interest in and dedication to languagerevitalization, rights, cultural democracy, diversity, mother tongue education, minority engagement, the Iloko language, other Philippine languages, or all of the above.

As an important member of the community, please feel free to print and peruse the following Provincial Progress Reports (attached) about language in education and other sectors at your leisure. If you are checking this email on behalf of your superior, please pass the attached Reports on to the owner of the email account as they arrive each month.

As you may know, the Provincial Government of La Union, along with partners from the education, religious, commercial, NGO, and media sectors, has recently begun taking steps to improve its language services, protect the Province’s Ilokano and IP linguistic and cultural heritage, communicate more effectively with rural/poor populations, help the Department of Education implement its new nationwide policy “mother tongue-based multilingual education” in La Union primary schools, and cultivate greater respect and non-discrimination for the vernacular in various sectors. One recent accomplishment on the legislative front, meanwhile, is the Local Language (Iloko) Code of La Union.

If you want to find out more, have any questions, notice mistakes, or have any suggestions regarding the Progress Report, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We would also welcome any ideas as to how the Provincial Government of La Union can improve its language, education, and cultural advocacies, and how it can continue to involve more groups around the Province and beyond.

Dios unay ti agngina (maraming salamat),

Firth McEachern

Consultant, Office of the Governor

Provincial Government of La Union

The Philippines


P.S. If you would like to distribute, borrow or adapt the material

(whether text or photographs) of these Reports, please ask first,

thank you!)





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