Ilocano Course Offered in Hawaiian University

This is the first time I have seen this, but I wouldn’t be surprised because Ilokano is the native tongue of the majority of the Filipinos in Hawaii.  I fact since 1972, University of Hawaii is offering a full Ilocano program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Ilocano. The Mission Statement is written in Ilocano. It reads:

Mission Statement Hello

Ti mision ti Programa iti Lengguahe ken Literatura nga Ilokano ket ti pannakaited iti de-kalidad a pannakaisuro ti lengguahe, literatura, ken kultura nga Ilokano; ti pannakapartuat ken pannakaiburay kadagiti baro nga adal a mainaig iti Ilokano; ti panagpaay iti komunidad babaen ti pannakaited iti panagsanay, agtultuloy nga edukasion, ken aramid nga extension; ken ti pannakaitandudo, pannakaitan-ok, ken pannakapadur-as ti kannawidan dagiti Ilokano. (Hello is indeed part of the Mission Statement. No additions from me. I quoted verbatim.) Only and only if one understands their mission statement, will one be legible to enroll. There is a placement exam testing prospective students of  ‘sufficient’ exposure to the language. To my knowledge even the Philippines, doesn’t have a BA Ilocano course similar to this. Kudos to the Ilocano Professors in Hawaii! Here is the link.

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