Ilocano 101: Superficial Anatomy

Superficial anatomy or surface anatomy is the study of anatomical landmarks that can be readily seen from the contours or the surface of the body. Ilocano 101: Superficial Anatomy is the study of these parts in its Ilocano term.  To complete this list, I have to research for days. Hard, hard task … I just realized that my Ilocano lexicon is limited. My list is still incomplete. This needs community collaboration. Here is the preliminary list of  external body parts with its Ilocano counterpart,  from top to bottom: Head – ulo Face – rupa Hair – buok Forehead – muging Eyes – mata Eyebrow – kiday Eyelash – kurimatmat Dimple – kallit /Kal-lit/ Ears – lapayag Earlobe – piditpidit Cheeks – pingping Nose – agong Mouth – ngiwat Palate – ngangaw Saliva – katay Lips – bibig Teeth – ngipin /ngii-pun/ Chin – timid Neck – tingnged /ting-nged/ Nape – teltel /Tul-tul/ like in turtle Throat – karabukob Shoulder – abaga Arms – takyag Armpit – kilikili Elbow – siku Hands – ima Wrist – pungwapungwan Palm of the hand – dakulap Fist – danog Fingers- ramay Thumb – tangan Index finger – tammudo /tam-mu-do/ Last finger – kikit Nails – kuko Chest – barukong Ribs – paragpag Breast – susu Nipples – mungaymungay Navel – puseg Abdomen – tiyan Lower Abs – buyong /buy-ong/ Back – bukot Vagina – uki, pepet Clitoris – tilde Penis – buto, billet /bil-let(metaphorical) Pubic hair – ormot Testes – batillog  /ba-til-log/,  ukel-ukel Buttocks – ubet Anus – kirret /kir-ret/, kimmut /kim-mut/ Hips – patong Groin – sillang /sil-lang/ Thigh – luppo /lup-po/ Legs – gurong Calf – bugibugi Knee – tumeng Hock – lakko /lak-ko/ Ankles – lipay-lipay Feet – saka Heel – mukod Sole – dapan Body – bagi Skin – kudil Skin hair – dutdut Beard – barbas Mole – siding Completed with help from Camilenos and some Ilocano Yorks. For further information, below is a 3D rendering of the Human Body by Google. Names are in English.,m:1,sk:1,c:1,o:1,ci:1,l:1,n:1&nav=3.01,44.18,160&sel=p:;h:;s:;c:0;o:0  


  1. Feliza says:

    Hi Manang Maricar. Pwede din i-add yung skin tag – riting?. Tama ba manang?


  2. asseng says:

    hi, ma’am maricar. taga-bannawag magazine po ako. may ibang tawag kami sa sumusunod:

    Dimple – kallid
    Palate – ngadas
    Teeth – ngipen
    Neck – tengnged
    Fist – gemgem (danog ket suntok iti tagalog 🙂
    Clitoris – tuldi, manimani
    Pubic hair – urmot
    Anus – kerret
    Groin – sellang
    Calf – sabsabunganay
    Skin hair – barbon

    at may idadagdag po ako 🙂

    Uvula : dawatdawat
    Moustache : iming
    Middle finger : pattungagan
    Ring finger : pasiraw-it

    • Merry Car says:

      HI Asseng,

      Makakatawa-ak agidiay sabali nga sau. When I started this I just wanted to educate and propagate the use of indigenous languages without knowing I would be learning more in the process. Now, I have a deeper love of my country and all the diverse cultures that make it. I hope someday we could connect with other compatriots who seek to preserve their tongue and culture. Adda kumamet iti conference para kadatayo. Question: how can I order Bannawag from US?

      Maricar Tangonan

  3. Winefredo B. Ranes says:

    Great idea, Maricar.

  4. ilocanoak says:

    Hello Ilocanoyork,

    It is good that despite the fact that you are already residing in New York you still managed to create a mini lexicon of ilocano terms for body parts. Had a wonderful time reading this post. I am also an ilocano blogger. Let us let the whole world know how rich and wonderful our native culture is. You can visit me on this link:

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