For a While

One of the most touching songs  for those who have love and lost but never really moved on is  ‘For a While’. Listen to the perfect combination of simple lyrics and soulful rendition of the great Nina Simone.
Listen to the song here. Nina Simone – For A While
Watch the video here.
Nina Simone was an Americansinger, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist widely associated with jazz music.

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  1. Roel Castillo says:

    ..feminist rendition serves tonality of purpose, I wonder if one of them endangered male jazz artists sings them…could it be emoted convincingly appropriate for male listeners to relate…other than that its universal appeal and soulful rendition without a doubt gained the applause of the tear ducts…and its not at all gender related…we all have our life’s stories and thanks for this one, just made me more grateful for the one I was privileged to share with..God bless her soul.

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