Finding One’s Match is Never Easy

There is this story I heard from my ever single and so available friend Ivan Mesa (that he also heard from another amazing single friend, Luchelle del Rosario) about a woman who earnestly prayed to St. Anthony de Padua for a life partner. Everyday this woman knelt before the image of the Saint that she dearly kept in her apartment. One day, after much desperation from a seemingly unheard prayer, she took St. Anthony’s image in her hand and with a violent rage born out of a frustrated heart, threw it outside. As soon as she did, a man’s voice said, “Ouch!“. Realizing her folly, she rushed out and saw a man that she instantly recognized as heaven’s answer to her prayer. She apologized, invited him in to check the concussion on the man’s head and the rest is a fairy tale ending with a Catholic flair. This story sounds really good. If indeed it was true, this saintly image would be the hottest item sold in stores enjoying briskier sales than the sought-after Ipad 2.

New York City is not the best place for women who are looking for serious relationships. The usual lament of single women living here was glamorized by writer  Carrie Bradshaw, a Sex and the City character whose dating adventures and misadventures have been the endless source of topic for her column. She cried, “It’s hard to find a good single man in New York City,” with ‘good‘ as the operative word. Bad news for  New York ladies is the reality that their city is one of 2010’s top 29 cities for men to live. Clearly a “paradise for men,” according to ultra-masculine website

Statistics is not on women’s side either. According to statistics collected by Richard Florida of the University of Toronto, single women currently outnumber single men in New York by 149,219. This number did not count the gays in the mix given that New York is one of the top cities in America with the highest estimated gay population. Even my gay friends complain, there aren’t enough men for them. And to complicate matters further for the menu of religious-sensitive women, shave off the possibility that out of the very few available men, a lot are not practicing the same religion.

So with these growing surplus of women, the big conundrum is what to do to meet a good man in New York City?  There are a lot of ways one can try: Attend parties,  meet guys at work, pay good money in online dating sites enrollment, the quick-pick route aka speed dating, hang out in the ‘good’ places like bookstores, church, libraries, schools, parks & the works or go look out of town (good luck with long-distance affairs, that’s another story). How about some really desperate measures like free posting on notorious Craiglist, or finally taking a long and thoughtful second look at your male best friend who just farted in your face five minutes ago, or WOW — relocating. A lot would surely choke on the last option: leaving New York for a guy.

It seems like an endless desperation that is more like a norm than the rule. Now it feels like St. Anthony de Padua is the best recourse — Armed with patience and prayers, one will see her likely match and hopefully, not after the man gets hit with a plaster of Paris image on his head.

Seriously, all Catholic single women of the world click here for St. Anthony de Padua prayers.

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