Eavesdropping American Husband

Ilocano wife phone chats with her sister in the Philippines as American Husband listens in the background Ilocano wife: Hay na adiay kua ket madi met nga malmalpas sen. Madik kuma ngarud nga kayat ngem adiay kua da met ket sige met lattan. American husband: Hmmm…(thinking to himself) Ilocano wife: Wen ah, diay kua ket nagpintas nga taltalaga. Umay ka met nga agbisita nu kwa a. American husband: Hmmm…(again thinking to himself) Ilocano wife: Wen – basta nu umay ka dittoy ipasyar ka diay cua da Maricar tapno makitam met nu kasanu iti kasasaad da met ah. American husband: Hmmm…(again thinking to himself for the third time)…Honey (signaling his wife to stop) Ilocano wife: Okay sige ngarud kabsat, tu maminsan manen. (hangs up the phone) American husband: Honey, who is Jay Cua that you keep talking about?


  1. jkdeleon says:

    nice ma’am… hilarious, I really like the way you write, very detailed.

    • jkdeleon says:

      ow sorry i thought it was ma’am maricar who wrote this, anyways still i like the way it was written, very detailed. madi nga nasakit ti ulo basaen…

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