Dinengdeng Market

Here are the popular dinengdeng ingredients. Pick 3 or more ingredients for your version of dinengdeng. Click here for cooking instructions.   Share your dinengdeng medley. Email me at maricar@ilocanoyork.com.


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  2. maude frisson says:

    very interesting. I didn’t know you could use so many different ingredients for dinengdeng. What would you say is the main ingredient in the soup that sets it apart?

  3. Merry Car says:

    It’s the bagoong! (Not to be confused with the Tagalog bagoong made from small shrimps. The Ilocano bagoong is the brown fish sauce with dilis aka bagoong munamon.) it’s not dinendeng without the brown fishy sauce. Another great flavoring is the inihaw na bangus with the burnt skin of the fish and all.

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