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Caring for the Elderly

While the rest of the world were partying for the new year, these daughters happily fulfilled their filial obligations. 'Nanay' is sick so like any true-blooded Pinoy anak, they were by her bedside. In the entire rehab of 8 floors, they were the only ones. I so admire Pinoy values especially when these are practiced outside the Philippines. Mabuhay ang Pinoy!
HOMBREBUENO sisters at their mother's bedside on New Year's eve

HOMBREBUENO sisters at their mother's bedside on New Year's eve

Poerty Contribution: A Naivete’s Confession

A Naiveté’s Confession by Jo March One spring night of ‘07 I was at this club That’s aptly called Double Happiness Right down at the Lower East Side. On my way out the bathroom I met this amazingly drunk guy Then held his glass as he took his turn at the bowl. He thanked me for being very nice And asked my name with a sheepish smile I told him mine, and Michael he said he was. He had a face like this BH 90210 guy So tall, fine and cute even when doused. He fuelled my curiosity; I decided to close my eyes. ‘There’s not much like you from where I came from’. He said as he keenly groped me in the dark. ‘Never met someone from where you came from’, I hissed back. Michael and I came back holding hands. Both smashed and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Funny, I shocked all my friends with my impulsive act. It’s embarrassing what else I did that night, With too much tea martini running in my blood. Let me just admit I’ve been really, really bad. He got my number that I remembered right For he called the following morn to ask me out I firmly said NO for I was sober to realize These boys want nothing else but my girly warmth   written by Jo March 2007, NYC