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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

As a young girl, I always heard my mom play this song.  Although I wasn't really paying attention to the lyrics, the rhythm and the sentiments of a woman unsure was never forgotten. Looking back, I place my mother in a different light now that I have grown to know the feelings that has long been burning inside her. She might have wondered then if her husband -- my father and the only man she ever loved -- will still love her until the very end. Apparently not ... Everything has its end. Love, regardless of  its breadth, width and size, also expires. 

Nonetheless, despite it's romantic impossibilities, the song is still emotionally captivating. Written by New Yorker  Carole King and originally recorded by The Shirelles, this has been recorded by many artists and was ranked among Rollingtone's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time at #125. My favorite versions are Roberta Flack, Amy Winehouse and of course, Carole King (with James Taylor).

Click here for an older Carole King singing one of my favorite songs.

Amy Winehouse

An Earnest Prayer

Below is a whimsical poem  about one's desperation at finding the proverbial 'right one'. Written in Long Island, New York almost five years ago, the poem captures the common complaint of women of this generation: there simply isn't one. However, desperation turns into plea as persona puts her ill fate in God's hand while just waiting --- a passive and slightly self-defeatist response cultivated and encouraged by religion.

I'm Not Searching, Just Waiting

For F., I., and V.  Dear God, is there someone for me? One good man who will truly love me To share with me all life's kindness And walk with through all the worlds' darkness. I really would want to know If he isn't born yet or has moved on. I earnestly pray he's just perfectly well So he can find me here someday. Is he tall, tanned and dishy? And has a big smile that'll pin me quick I wish he were a dancer that I never was, Together we'll sing songs that touch the heart. Does he smoke, drink and curse? Is he a gambler, bummer or a miser? Worse, he maybe a Casanova in disguise; Lord, I hope, wish, and pray that he's not! Will he be sweet, engaging and smart? With a wit that battles the wisest man I pray he is kind, delightful and couth A man, I know, will make me proud. I wonder how many girls he kissed. Or is he an artist, extrovert, or what may be? Does he love to read like I do? Oh how I wish he'd eat whatever I can cook! Is he now in great America? Or trail biking in beautiful Australia? Wherever he may be, this I know-- Someday I'll show him my Manila. My God, tell me do I know him? Is he Steve, John or William? Or the comely man I saw at the park? He can be anyone oh this is hard! Was he at my favorite park last night? Or will be at the corner grocery tonight? Oh my good Lord please show some signs, Let him find me quick before I expire. Amen. October 1, 2007_ Long Island